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Wat Lok Molee

Wat Lok Molee

The exact founding date is uncertain but it is generally accepted to date back to the 14th century which makes it one of Chiang Mai’s oldest Wats.  One thing is certain, and that is it has one of the largest and most impressive chedis.

The massive chedi was built in 1527 and at the time, dominated the area.  Over the years the chedi has been restored many times and today remains in good condition.  Sitting on a large square base, each side of the upper part of the chedi has a niche that contains a Buddha image and is flanked on both sides by Theavada figures which are a type of celestial being/  The chedi houses the ashes of several Kings from the Mengrai Dynasty who were the rulers of the Lanna Kingdom from the late 13th century until 1558 when the Burmese invaded the Kingdom.

There was a viharn built at the same time as the chedi however none of the building remains today.  The chedi and the brick foundation of the ubosot are the only original structures remaining.

At the end of the 18th century Chiang Mai City was abandoned and the Wat fell into disrepair and was not renovated until the second half of the 20th century.

The viharn at the Wat was built in 2003.  It is built in traditional Lanna style and has two large Naga guarding the front entrance.  The panels on the front of the viharn have finely sculpted wooden carvings.  The large Buddha image is in the seated meditation position.

Also within the Wat is a wooden pavilion and a Kuti.

To get to the Wat – from the north end of the old city, exit through Chang Puak Gate, turn left and go about 400 meters.