Wiang Kum Kam

Much of the history of Wiang Kum Kam is estimated due to the lack of specific records.  But this is the story that is generally accepted.

It is believed that Phya Mangrai, who was the first King of the Mongrai Dynasty and founder of the Kingdom, built Wiang Kum Kam in 1286.  He chose this location by the Ping River with the thought that the river could provide transportation between various villages.  It’s thought that the river was actually the cause of several floods.

The whole idea of creating Wiang Kum Kam was that it would serve as a capital for the government.  It did serve as the capital, but just 10 years later, in 1296, the capital was moved to the new city Wiang Chiang Mai.  Although no longer the capital, Wiang Kum Kam continued to play a role by hosting many special events.

It was only until 1984 that excavations revealed many of the religious monuments that can be seen today.

Here is what can be found, both ancient and new, at Wiang Kum Kam today.