Wat Tung Yu

This Wat has several structures on the grounds including a large viharn housing several Buddha images, a white chedi, a seated Buddha image, and other buildings.

The key building is a smaller viharn.  At the entrance to this Naga serpent guarded viharn you’ll see 2 monk statues.  The golden monk statue on the left is Kruba Srivichai who lived from 1878 to 1938 and was one of the most revered monks of the Lanna Kingdom.  Between the 2 monk statues is a Buddha footprint covered with a Pathein Htee or Burmese style umbrella.  He was responsible for the construction of many of the Wat’s around Chiang Mai.  There is also a monument to him at thee base of Doi Suthep Mountain as he was responsible for the construction of the road that leads up to Wat Doi Suthep.  With his influence and popularity the many volunteers completed that road in just 5 months.

Today Krubi Srivichai in considered to be the Nak Bun Haeng or the Saint of Lanna.