Wat Chai Phra Kiat

Translated it means “temple of the renowned victory’.  Located near the center of the old walled city, this is a small Wat consisting of a viharn, ubosot and chedi.

The Lanna style viharn is the largest building with a 2 tiered roof with a front gable adorned with golden flower motifs on a blue background.  At the bottom of the stairway leading to the viharns entrance you’ll find a pair of white and gold Chinthe (Burmese style lions) that guard the hall.  These are 2 rows of red lacquered columns supporting the roof and the walls are adorned with murals.  A large bronze Buddha image, cast in 1566, is in a very ornately decorated niche.

The ubosot is a small Lanna style building.  The front gable is adorned with flower motifs on a green background.  There’s a pair of ferocious multi-colored Naga serpents guarding the stairway to the ubosot’s entrance.  Golden flower motifs adorn the red entrance doors with another pair of Naga over the doors.  Inside the ubosot is a Buddha image seated in the subduing Mara posture on a pedestal.

Between the viharn and ubosot you’ll see the chedi.  This is of white Burmese style sitting on a base of several square tiers and a section of reclining octagonal tiers.  Topping the chedi ia a golden bell, a spire and a 7 tiered Pathein Htee (Burmese style umbrella).

The Wat is located just a few hundred meters east of Wat Phra Signh in the center of the old walled city.