Wat Buppharam

Built just outside the old walled city in 1497 during the reign of the Lanna King Muang Kaew, the Wat includes an ubosot, 2 viharns, a Dhamma hal, a chedi and a well providing holy water.

The ubosot is a small ordination hall built in the traditional Lanna style with the holy well supplying water once used to anoint the Kings of Chiang Mai.

The smaller of the 2 viharns was built in Lanna style during the 16th century.  It was renovated in 1819 and its large Buddha image is about 3 centuries old.

The large viharn, built about 2 centuries ago contains splendid murals depicting scenes about the Buddha’s previous lives.  The main Buddha image in this viharn is about 500 years old.

The great wood door panels, made in 1983, show the Himmavanta forest which from Hindu mythology surrounded Mount Meru.

The Wats dominant structure is the Dhamma Hall.  Completed in 1996, the entrance is guarded by Makaras, part sea animal and part land animal, these creatures come from Hindu mythology.  In fact, there is a walking Buddha image.

The hall contains several magnificent murals.  The first floor shows groups of people gathering for a ceremony while the second floor mural shows a large number of chedis and temples from around the area.  Also on the second floor are 2 Buddha’s, the first dating back 400 years is in the sitting position and the largest teakwood Buddha in Thailand.  The second Buddha is made of bronze.  Finally, there is a small garden with several interesting figurines.

The Wat is located just outside the walled part of Chiang Mai east of the Tha Pae Gate.