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Wat Dub Phai

Wat Dub Phai

Also known as Dad Phai, this is a smaller temple by the northwest corner of the old walled town and has a viharn, ubosot, chedi and bell tower with a pair of white and gold Chinthe guarding the entrance gate.

Local legend tells of a seriously ill man, centuries ago, who prayed to a Buddha image named Phra Chao Dab Pai and when he recovered be built the Wat giving it the name Wat Dub Phai.

there is a large Lanna style viharn with a 2 tiered roof.  Naga heads are at the ends of the golden bargeboards and the stairway has white and gold Naga serpents.  The ornate gable is adorned with colorful Lanna style flower motifs.  The roof is supported by red columns with elaborate golden motifs.  The walls have colorful murals and seated on a raised pedestal is the Wats principle Buddha image in a subduing Mara posture with a mural of a Bodhi tree behind it.

Fenced in behind the viharn is the temples chedi.  Resting on a square base and octagonal section of several tiers is the bell topped with a multi-tiered Pathein Htee (Burmese style umbrella).  There are several smaller chedis around the fence.

A pair of Naga serpents guard the stairway to the ubosot.  Gold on blue Lanna style flower motifs adorn the front gable and colorful murals are on the porch depicting Buddhist stories.  There is a Buddha image in the subduing Mara posture seated on a high and elaborate pedestal.  On the wall behind it is a mural including a large Bodhi tree.  Important events in the Buddha’s life are shown in murals on the walls.

The Wat is located about 400 meters north of Wat Phra Singh.