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Wat Sri Koed

Wat Sri Koed

With a variety of names used – Wat Sri Gerd, Wat Si Goet, Wat Si Koet, if you visit the Wat, the name you’ll on the official nameplate on the entrance wall is Wat Sri Koed.  This is an old monastery located on Ratchadamnoen Road in Chiang Mai’s old walled city and close to Wat Phra Singh.  Prince Domrong refers to it’s founding in 1638 which comes from the Khlong Nirat Hari Punchai chronicle.

Inside the Wat is a viharn with a 4 tiered roof, the forth tier is over a portico which is supported by 4 ornately decorated columns.  There is a Naga flanked staircase under the portico and a Garuda topped pillar in front of the viharn.

The principle Buddha image is called the Phra Chao Khaeng Khom and is done in the U Thong style.  The Buddha image is in the bhumisparsa posture touching the earth with its right hand fingers.  This posture is where The Buddha called Mae Toranee, the earth goddess to bear witness to his victory over Mary and the evil forces.

Also on the Wat grounds, there is an active massage school that is open to foreigners to attend from 3 to 10 days in length.

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