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Wat Phan On

Wat Phan On

Built in 1501 during the reign of the Lanna King, Wat Phan On is one of the smaller temples in Chiang Mai’s old walled city.

There are 3 main structures; the large viharn, a golden chedi (one of the most beautiful in Chiang Mai), and the Kuti or monks living quarters.

The viharn is a large 2 story building with a 3 tiered roof with chofahs at the roof ends.  The doors and windows are decorated with fine wood carvings showing mythical creatures.  Large Theavada figures decorate the side walls with Naga serpents at the arches of the windows.  In the viharn is a large Buddha sitting in the subduing Mara posture.  It is a copy of a more famous Buddha image in Phitsanulok.  There is another smaller Buddha image directly in front of the larger one.

Supporting the structure are Large square columns decorated with intricate motifs.  The walls show several murals including one of the Buddha’s first sermons.

The chedi, named by King Rama IX, was recently built in 2007.  It contains red niches on all 4 sides which have enshrined Buddha images.  You can also find a very large gong next to the chedi.

The courtyard of the temple has a large Bodhi tree with several Buddha images sheltered by umbrellas.

The many bells around the grounds can be rung by Buddhists or visiting tourists.

The temple can be found on Ratchadamnoe Road which is where the Sunday evening walking street market is held.