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Wat Saen Fang

Wat Saen Fang

The Wat gate, with its guarding Naga serpents, actually has a couple local businesses within the entrance.  Dates are a bit confusing as the Wat was founded in the 14th century but the architecture only dates back to the 19th century.

The Lanna style viharn was originally built as a royal hall for the Chao Kawilorat who reigned from 1856 to 1870.  With its elaborate carved panels of animal motifs on its gable, it was converted to the viharn in 1879.

There is a white Burmese style chedi with pairs of Chinthe guarding each corned.

There is a beautifully carved red painted Ho Trai located in a pond.

Finally, the ubosot was constructed in 1910 and displays both Lanna and Burmese style displaying small Kinnom figures on the roofs ridges.