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Wiang Kum Kam – Wat Chedi Liam

Wiang Kum Kam – Wat Chedi Liam

The name Wat Chedi Liam translates to “temple of the square chedi”.  Founded in 1288, this remains today as an active temple with resident monks.  There is an ancient chedi, a recent viharn and ubosot, while all that remains of the 13th century is a well.

Originally constructed in 1288, the chedi stands on a square base with five tiers.  Each tier has 3 niches, each enshrining a standing Buddha image with a yellow robe.  The niches on the 2nd and 3rd tiers are decorated with Naga serpents while the other niches have flower motifs.

After the 1908 restoration, a Burmese influence can be seen now.

The Wats viharn, built during the 20th century, has a 2 tiered roof with a Lanna style front gable and Naga serpents guarding the stairway entrance.  Inside the walls are decorated with murals and the Wats principle Buddha image is found here.

Also built in the 29th century, the ubosot has a 3 tiered roof with carved wooden bargeboards and large Chofah.  There is a very ornate gable decorated in Lanna gold and colors.